CAT ION gets her name from the advances in battery chemistry driving development of Lithium battery technology that powers the yachts electric motors and drives the extensive range of navigation and electrical devices found aboard.


CAT ION is designed to be sailed comfortably by a couple or after a little experience, by one person, made easy with helm aids during settled conditions. The catamaran is spacious and luxuriously equipped with many home comforts


CAT ION is a factory built PDQ Antares 44i, delivered in March 2007 and constructed Canada. She was built to be powered by lithium batteries and driven by electric motors.


SILENT motoring, SILENT power at anchor

17.25 KW of lithium batteries available to power:

  • 2 x 10KW electric motors that rotate shaft driven feathering propellers.

  • Navigation and autohelm equipment over extended periods while sailing.

  • 5KW mains inverter (120VAC x 60Hz) to power those essential comforts, such as water makers, washing machines, microwaves & air conditioning.

NEAR SILENT motor cruising

13.3 KW 48 VDC diesel generator to replenish the batteries

  • Refills empty batteries within an hour delivering 240A at nominal 48 VDC

  • Motor cruising at 5-6 knots under balanced load, with 800 NM range

  • Barely audible mounted in STB bow compartment, running at constant RPM for optimum fuel efficiency


Cat Ion is truly unique, as an exceptionally well built limited production catamaran, she was also designed to be a diesel-electric hybrid from the start, and has been maintained and upgraded with the latest developments in technology to deliver the very best in safe comfortable world wide cruising.